Friday, December 7

There's a new dog in town!!

Well, Athena left us yesterday, and we got a new dog today. :-) (And just so you all know, we heard from Athena's new family right after she was delivered and they were VERY excited to finally have her, and loved her already.) We had to drive to Louisville to get the dog, but she's worth it. She's a Basset Hound, and she was adopted from the Humane Society. She's VERY skinny, but she just was spayed yesterday, and all of December has been filled with Vet visits, shots, being spayed, and moving from place to place. So, you can't really blame her for not wanting to eat, right??

As soon as we brought her in the door she found part of a biscuit from this morning's breakfast and ate it right up, even though she wouldn't touch the puppy food, so we fixed her some toast lol. She did eat some. Her little tummy is still sore, and the lady who did the adoption missed that she'd just been fixed yesterday, so we didn't know. Fortunately, we were already being very cautious with her!! Syd said, she must have JUST had surgery because she has stitches on her belly. So I looked through the paperwork, and yup yup, she was spayed on 12/5. So anyway, she's doing VERY well for being one day post-op, in my opinion lol!!! She did a little warning growl twice at Trey when he got in her face after rolling around her, but that's acceptable, I'd be growling after surgery lol.

But she's in bed with Charles and Trey right now, and I'm hoping there will be room for me when I go in there in a little bit!! HAHA (Bigger pics coming soon)

Ohhh - her name is "MEG".

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Anonymous said...

Of course, Dorothy is on the inside track and got some really cute pix of Meg. She is a real "keeper". I love her already!!