Wednesday, December 5

Eat, Pray, Love

Have you read it?? I haven't, but I am going to...
Did you love it?? Hate it??
I'm going to try to pick up a copy tomorrow.

Genealogy is going great - I am totally addicted. There is still TONS of people to add that I've found online - rules haha.

Ally is doing much better, her groin area is still red and rashy, but I think its yeast from the antibiotics. I'm gonna get her some yogurt or acidophilus pills tomorrow.

Sydney lost another tooth this week, and is getting ready to lose a 3rd this week lol.

Trey rode the bus for the first time this week - he's getting so big!!!!! I hadn't went to the door yet because I thought it was still too early, and he walked in all by himself. It was so cute!!! And he has homework hehe!!

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