Monday, December 10

Meggie Meg Meg!

Ohhhh, Meg is SOOOO cute!!!!!

She is um... how should I say this... SPOILED! And we weren't the ones who spoiled her!! LOL I really have no idea why anyone would have given up this dog!!! She's obviously been fed only table scraps as no matter what kind of dog food we give her she won't touch it. I've been mixing dog food w/ people food hoping to wean her onto her own food lol. But honestly, she is still SO skinny that if she eats ANYTHING we are excited. She was (and still is) dangerously thin when we got her, but she's starting to gain a little, bit by bit. She loves chicken and scrambled eggs - and left over Chinese haha!

And the best thing!?!?! She PEES OUTSIDE!!!!!! HAHA That might not seem like much, but Athena never got the hang of the outside business. She isn't totally trained on doing her "other" business outside, but since she isn't eating, she isn't doing much of that anyway. We do need to work with her about letting us know she needs to go out, but she will instantly pee when you take her out - its awesome lol!!!

She gets along great with the kids, too - well, when they aren't forgetting she isn't Athena and try to play a little too rough.

We can tell that Meg is feeling much better, because she's running around now, and jumping on the couch and starting to bark at the cat lol. I bought her a rawhide bone today and it was hilarious to watch her play with it.

She's a keeper, for sure!

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