Wednesday, December 12

Too bad I didn't take a picture - And INSOMNIA

Man, I really wish I would have snapped a picture last night!!!

When I went to bed, Charles was lying on a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers pillow, and Trey was asleep beside him in a PINK shirt with flowers on it. The dog was asleep half laying on top of Trey. The whole scene was just SO funny! But I know Charles would have freaked out with my posting a picture of him like that (and Trey in PINK!). ^^ hehe

Some of you might know that I suffer from horrible insomnia. Well, this week its been VERY bad. I haven't been asleep before 3:30am in about 5 days. Its no fun. I've taking OTC sleeping pills (and even prescriptions in the past), but nothing seems to help. Charles and I were talking about it today and he mentioned maybe its the Holidays because we both don't function very well at this time of year, and I said maybe so... Then I talked to Dorothy about it, and she agreed that we don't do well. Hmm... I didn't realize it was so obvious how dysfunctional Holidays make us LOL!! Seriously, though, Nov/Dec are depression central in our house hold (All winter some years). Maybe we need that UV light therapy. I'm getting a little sun and exercise with the dog, though, so maybe that will help. This can't go on like this, though, that's for sure - not sleeping sucks giant donkey tails.

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