Saturday, March 21

My upstairs...

The walls look awful, but the rooms are clean, the carpet had been shampooed and I'm pretty happy. Exhausted, but happy.
The first picture is Trey's room, the 2nd and 3rd are the girls' room - one end has their bed, the other has the "fort" (which is actually Ally's bed w/o a mattress flipped over until we get her moved into her own room later this summer.) And then the EMPTY loft. :)

And this is what I look like after 7 days of manual labor, exposure to copious amounts of cleaning chemicals, and very little sleep... Its better today, these were taken last night - showing my broke out face, and the eczema that's developed on my eyelids. Fun fun. (Click to see full pic.) Um... do I look about 40 in those pics or what?!?!! lol wow...

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NannyOgg said...

The rooms look awesome!

And you'd better take a few days off from any commitments, and be Very Nice to yourself,