Thursday, March 26

First Day of Chemo

Iona went in at 6:45am to get her Power Port, and her chemo started around 10. She was ready to go home at approximately 3:30 this afternoon.

Emend Nausea medication
Aloxi Nausea medication
Decadron Steroid used to prevent allergic reaction to treatment
Benadryl Anti-allergy medication
Pepcid Antacid used to prevent problems or reactions from treatment

Chemotherapy and Biological
Neulasta Shot given to boost white blood cells

They did not give her the Adriamycin due to her heart. I am unsure whey they did not give her Prednisone.

She is doing great. She has had no nausea, was able to eat dinner and even asked to take a walk to the corner when she got to our house, and is getting ready to walk it again, which is awesome. We are pretty sure she isn't going to have nausea, since she hasn't yet, but we are waiting to see if she has any other side effects - major fatigue, etc. I stocked up on tummy-friendly snacks today just in case, which made the kids happy since they LOVE jello, pudding, crackers, etc. lol

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