Saturday, March 28

Cancer, Car Rides, Crazy Kids, and Cash

Those are pretty much the only things on my brain right now... Iona's treatment went just fine, she did not have any side effects from the chemo so far, although she could still lose her hair later.

I have made 2 trips to Sullivan and 1 trip to Terre Haute in the past 4 days, and I'm so tired of being in the car I could scream.

The kids are being extra psycho lately - I'm sure its because of all of the drama going on, and I'll be glad when its all over.

We are broke as a joke... We have like NO MONEY. I'm hoping we make it to Tuesday... the only thing we HAVE to buy before payday is gas and Charles will buy lunch on Monday, so I'm thinking we should be ok, but I just don't know... There sure isn't much in the bank, though, and I guess if we overdraw we overdraw... :(

I'm in a terrible mood lately, and I just want to spend some time A L O N E. I don't want anyone asking me to DO anything, GO anywhere, COOK anything, CLEAN anything, READ anything, or just frankly anything anything lol... I'm just so over this month. Its been terrible, and trying, and emotional, and expensive, and time consuming, and I'm over it. Period. (Note to Dorothy: This in no way reflects helping you on Wednesday - that was fun.)

I'm grumpy, headachy, my toes hurt from some unknown injury, and I am grumpy. Did I mention I'm grumpy? Because I'm grumpy.

OHHH But there IS good news - my mom is getting along great. (Except for sciatica pain...). She slept in her own bed last night, and is not using her walker. Go mom!!


NannyOgg said...

{{{ HUGS }}} and much love and support your way.

Let's run away together to a place to be without kids ! Hawaii sounds good?


Keppy said...

Yes, Hawaii sounds pretty good !!! :P