Sunday, January 20

Crappy Photos

These were taken with my cell-phone, I couldn't find batteries for my camera... But - we had Trey's little bday tonight and it was lots of fun. The cake sorta sucked but Trey didn't care and that's all that matters.

The big fireball you see in the last pic is obviously his cake lol - it really wasn't that great of a show as it appears, the lack of lighting just got my phone camera all wacky. :-)

Trey's emotions during this whole cake was just fun. He was so overcome with emotion he at one point had to put his head in his hands and just stare at the candles. It was so cute.

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Anonymous said...

He is such a wonderful child. The other 2 are both special in their own ways,too, don't get Nana wrong here. He is just 1) a boy and I never had one of those, and 2) soooo funny and fun. I could just sit and watch him, he is totally anaimated. He really enjoyed his birthday party. The cake that his Mom made for him just made his day. He couldn't keep off the counter, had to keep looking at it. I send my pix, Toto. Wonderful party!!!!! Dorthy