Sunday, January 20

Reply to Anon Comment

"Does it not make anyone think twice about having a Muslim run a primarily Christian country? The values and morals are completely different between the two religions and should'nt be intertwined together. I am not racist, his color is not what I have a problem with. It is his beliefs and morals. Research this man a little more, you will find that he is a corrupt individual, not someone who should be running the country you and I live in. Correct me if I am wrong, but most Muslim countries have a serious problem with us.....and he is Muslim?? hhhmmm........ "

Well, I do have a few thoughts:

1. Barak Obama isn't a Muslim. He is a Christian - his dad (who left when Barak was about 2 was Muslim - Barak was raised in a Christian household and is a member of a Church of Christ Church in Chicago). Also, just so this is crystal clear, whether or not Barak was a Muslim wouldn't necessarily keep me from voting for him if I agreed with his position on the issues that are important to me - I haven't chosen a candidate that I can say I'm voting for yet, I'm still weighing my options...

2. All the candidates are corrupt in one way or another, you won't find a perfectly innocent person run for office in this day and age.

3. Christianity and Islam both trace their roots to Abraham (Judaism). Over time they have evolved differently, following different paths and adopting different rules...

I'm not going to argue religion on here, because that's not what my site is all about, but, I can tell you two things with absolute certainty:

1. I live for tolerance. There are few things that disappoint me more than people judging others, especially when they are making this judgment based on faith-based reasoning. We aren't here on this earth to make those judgments and make those calls, last I heard God had that job.

2. All religions have faults and skeletons in the closet - and they aren't hard to uncover if you look with open eyes. Its just hard for most people to accept that their chosen religion could have a less than spotless past.

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