Wednesday, December 26

Family Pics

We spent Christmas Day at Dorothy's and was able to FINALLY scan quite a few of the pics I'd been wanting to scan for a long time. There are still more that I want to scan, but I got a number of them scanned.

Ida Hayden
This is one of my favorite pictures of my Granny - Ida Hayden Thompson.

Hayden Family
The woman in the middle in the wheelchair is my GGG-Grandma, Sarah Gray Hayden. The skinny woman to her right is my GG-Grandma, Nancy Abigail Sankey Hayden.

Friends and Family
My Granny (GG-Grandma - Ida Hayden Thompson) is the 2nd from the left in the front row. The rest are friends she was often photographed with, they were all also relation in one way or another.

Dodd's Bridge School 10/27/1897
Granny (Ida Hayden Thompson) is the woman in the very middle of the back row in the light dress looking very shy. I THINK that the 2nd from the right in the back row is her brother Ural, but I am guessing based on other photos I have of him.

Family Reunion
(Click on the picture for labels)
This is a family reunion that was held in Drake Cemetery, in Fairbanks, Indiana. If I were to guess, I would guess its a Sankey reunion. My GG-Grandpa (Charles Thompson, Sr) is in the front row, 1st person on the right. His wife, (Granny - Ida Hayden Thompson) is in the row behind him a few people over with the twins on her lap. The twins are my Aunt Jessie and Uncle Herbie. Their daughter Nellie, who died at the age of nine (probably not long after this photo was taken) is near the middle of the front row in the white dress with the black belt. The other three children they had at the time had to be in the picture somewhere, but I'm not sure where. My GUESS is that Garland is right in front of Nellie to the left, but I have no guess about Arthur "Bugs" or Lois.

Thompson Children
My Grandpa Thompson's oldest 4 siblings - Garland, Lois, Nellie, and Arthur "Bugs".

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CINDY said...

These are amazing. Some I have seen but not the reunion picure.