Wednesday, January 2

Syd's Hair

Syd wanted highlights in her hair for her birthday. Here are the final results - don't they look GREAT?!?!?

Attention Wizard: Here are the names for the people in the Hayden picture with Sarah in the middle...
1st row: Vernon, Oral, Bessie, Essie, Mary, Versa, Johnnie, Dewey
2nd row: Blanch, Sarah, Nancy
3rd row: "Mrs. Ellery", Cyrus, Julia, Will, "Bub", Susie, Ellery

Now, to clarify who a few of those people are:
--"Bub" is Ural, but this was not Ida's brother, it was her uncle, John Jacob's brother. This Ural's full name was Ural Elress Hayden. Neither Ida and her family nor her brother Ural and his family are in this picture. Ida's two other siblings, Oral and George Dewey are in the picture.
--Susie is the wife of Ural "Bub".
--Mrs. Ellery is the wife of Ulysses Ellery Hayden brother of John Jacob.
--Cyrus and Julia Patton (Julia is John Jacob's sister, Sarah's daughter).
--Blanch is Joseph Zimri's wife (John Jacob's sister in law, she was a Dodd before she married)
--Vernon - (Kathleen's dad), Versa - his sister (Joseph Zimri and Blanch Dodd's children)
--Mary M. and Johnnie are both Ural Elress and Susie's children.
--Essie and Bessie Patton - daughters of Cy and Julia Patton.
(Essie married Paul Joseph, Bessie married William Walmsley)

Daniel Jackson Hayden and Sarah Gray had 9 children, four of whom were alive at the time this picture was taken.
Mary Ellamina Hayden - 1854-1875
John Jacob Hayden - 1857-1918
William T. Hayden 1859-1939 (in picture)
Joseph Zimri Hayden - 1861-1912
Jeremiah Hayden - abt.1862-? unknown birth and death dates, but I assume he died before this picture.
Ulyssus Ellery Hayden 1863-1951 (in picture)
Lydia M. Hayden - 1864-1865
Julia Etta Hayden Patton 1866-1957 (in picture)
Ural Elress Hayden 1868-1968 (in picture "Bub")

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