Monday, December 17

Especially for Marigold...

I love doing genealogy - I have been doing it on and off since I was in junior high school - so over 20 years lol. I never got anywhere NEAR where I am since the invention of the net though!!! It's been very exciting getting with other people researching the same people and filling in the gaps.

So far, I have located 30 out of 32 of my "3rd Great" Grandparents. I have much farther back on some lines - I'm missing a "2nd Great Grandfather's" parents...Maybe one day I can track down exactly who they are, I'm optimistic. ^^ Lately, I've been doing alot of documentation of the information I have compiled. Its tedious and most people probably wouldn't bother, but if I can't attach a source to my info, I'm never convinced its accurate. (I'm kinda a stickler about sources lol).

As for Trey - nah, its not usually "bad mama" its usually "Aya Bad!" (Ally is bad!) or "Pup Bad!". I'm usually good hehehehehe!!

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