Thursday, September 13

Big Love coming back next year YAY

Renewed for a Third Season

Official Site

Hooray!! LOL We love this show! We started watching Six Feet Under just as the series was ending, and we were so happy when Big Love came out because it was new and different than anything else on TV. We never got into The Sopranos, though. There is a new show that started last week (Tell Me You Love Me). It supposed to be really raunchy and getting some bad press, but I intend to watch the two episodes that are available OnDemand tonight and give my own opinion lol...


Anonymous said...

Hey, Six Feet Under is the 2 other shows I watched on Sunday that I couldn"t remember what they were. They were GREAT!!!!! I loved them. I kept thinking maybe there would be more on later on in the day but there wasn't. So that was a series?? How funny. It was so funny. Moom

PS that red and black REALLY does funcky things to your eyes when you go from there to here! ooooooo!

Keppy said...

Oh yeah, it was on for a few years - we LOVED that show... We were so sad when it ended. You can find reruns on all the time though.