Monday, August 27

Jambalaya - and Misc.

Man, I made some yummy Jambalaya today!!! I didn't really use a recipe just talked to my mom about what she put in hers (although I only remember her making it once cuz my dad didn't like it - but I LOVED IT)... Anyway, so I kinda just winged it. Here is the "recipe":

1/2lb skinless smoked sausage (sliced into thin "wheels")
1lb sausage (might leave this out next time - wasn't bad, just could be left out)
1 bag frozen cooked shrimp
1lb diced ham
1/2 bag frozen onions/green bell peppers/red bell peppers
pinch Cayenne pepper
(brown all this together in a skillet)

1.5 quarts home canned tomato juice (1/2qt canned w/ green peppers and onions)
16oz long grain rice
(add to drained mixture above)

Dash of Louisiana Hot Sauce at the table - YUM YUM YUM
I was so sad to hear about Owen Wilson yesterday!! Of course they haven't given an official press release but he apparently attempted suicide by slitting one (or both) wrists and taking a bunch of pills. Poor guy! I hope he gets well soon!!!
And then THIS today... **sigh**


Anonymous said...

Oh my, the last I heard Owen Wilson had been rushed to the ER and had even given the press a statement!! I guess that showes you can't believe anything, huh???

But then, The Wizard undid my TV in the kitchen to get ready for the new oven and has to total redo a hook up for it sooo while I cook and can, etc. I am out in "never, never land" with no cotact with the outside world, except when you call me, Toto.

Keppy said...

LOL awwww Poor Dorothy - but you're cooking now woooohooo!!!