Monday, June 4

Oops! Missed yesterday

The laptop crapped out on us again yesterday, and I was having too much fun w/ family time to come in the other room and post - but - yesterday would have been my inlaws' 41st anniversary. You can't hardly see it in the picture above, but that's her wedding ring - it has her initials and wedding date inside. Its been two years since Charles' dad died, but in some ways it seems like its been decades. We miss him.

Last night Sydney and I had a "sleepover". Ok, so it was just her and I, but that counts, right?? We stayed up "all night" (i.e. 1:30am) watching music videos and reruns of Bewitched. It was lotsa fun. :-) She's going to Nana's tomorrow until she gets tired of them, they get tired of her, we miss her too much, or around the 16th, whichever comes first hahaha!!

Also - someone asked me about knitting the other day, and yes, I do still consider myself a knitter, but knitting or crocheting, or quilting in the heat of the summer makes me wanna barf hahaha! So there might not be any "yarny" things on here until the fall - BUT - I'm teaching Syd to sew, so there should be plenty of interesting things from her on here. (She's really getting into the blogging thing - I might have to give her her own space haha!)


Mrs. H said...

The sleepover sounds neat. Glad you two had such a good time. Bet she'll remember this when she's grown and has a daughter. :)

Keppy said...

LOL I hope so! :-) We've had alot of fun since she's been out of school - its only been a few days - I hope it lasts!! hahaha

Ami Scott said...

You've been tagged for the name meme!