Tuesday, June 5

I've Been TAGGED!!!

Thank you Ami!

MEME instructions: Give the meaning of your kids’ names, and write about what or how or why you gave the name to your kids. Tag five people to play along and leave a comment at their blog to let them know they have been tagged.

Sydney Danielle: While I was pregnant we were searching for names. We were huge Party of Five fans at the time and were so excited when Neve Campbell was in Scream. Her character's name was Sidney Prescott and we kind of both looked at each other and were like, hmmm Sydney is a good name... He had wanted to name her Danielle because Daniel Boone is his relative, but I knew she'd be made fun of, so we agreed to make it her middle name. Originally we were gonna call her "Danni" but it just ended up being Sydney.

Allyson Elizabeth: While I was growing up I always wanted a daughter named Jacquelynn Elizabeth, but Charles didn't like the name Jacquelynn. The day I was scheduled to go into the hospital to be induced we were watching Everybody Loves Raymond and a lightbulb went off when they were talking about their daughter, Ally. Later that night we were sitting in TGIFridays talking about names and such as we were down to the wire and agreed that Allyson was a good name, and it fit well with Elizabeth.

Trey: well, Trey's name was much easier to decide on. We had agreed way back when I was pregnant with Syd that if she had been a boy, her name was going to be Charles William III. So by the time we HAD a boy the name wasn't really an issue. BUT, what to call him WAS an issue. The baby would be the 4th living Charles in our family (my husband is a Jr, and my dad is a Charles III). So the usual nicknames were already taken... When I was in high school I was really good friends with a guy named Trey and he was a "third" and his parents called him "Trey" for "three". I loved that idea, so we decided we'd confuse everyone and name the baby Charles William but call him Trey! :-) Can't wait for school to have to explain that one all the time hahahaha...


Anonymous said...

Then, of course, there is the name of Keppy!!!! Poor Toto, Dorothy just wanted a name that was different since the name Thompson was the 8th most popular name, at least at that time. Sooooo, I just made it up!! Yup, made it up!! Better than some from the back of that baby book I wanted for all of your future siblings, huh Toto??

Keppy said...

LOL yeah, like Tofa... although "Topher Grace" is a famous actor... (He was Eric on That 70s Show.)