Tuesday, May 1

Ridiculous, I say!

So I read this article online tonight... What in the world does this guy's sexual preference have to do with anything?? Can a gay man not run a company? Is his preference somehow linked directly to mental ability?? **ROLLS EYES EMPHATICALLY - for the 2nd time today** I mean really - come on people. Its 2007. Why in the world can't we get over it already? Like the funniest quote I think I've ever heard - who cares who's the pin and who's the cushion!?!?! LOL This guy had worked for BP for 41 YEARS! y e a r s!!! And suddenly he's having to resign because he's gay? Meh, people will say its because the ex-lover was making allegations about misused funds and blah blah blah but everyone knows thats just an excuse. I hate discrimination, it's so retarded.

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