Wednesday, May 2

Ever heard of SPELL-CHECK?????

Ok quick rant... I get so frustrated when I see something written by someone and in it is a word that said person has obviously never seen in print. The ways a person can butcher a word are endless. Now, admittedly, I do have an English degree, so I am sure this is why these things bother me so, but still... The following are a few examples I have seen this week alone: placks (plaques), rod iron (wrought iron), idk, there are more I just can't think right now. Let me admit though, I am not claiming to be the world's best speller, or an expert on grammar, but I do try. Then again, I suppose most people just don't care about it like I do lol.

I have to give a little advice here, though. If you DO want your kids to be great spellers, do what my mom did with me. Anytime we have "down time" make a game out of spelling. Anytime we had to wait in a Dr.'s office or long car rides, she always game me word after word to spell. As I got older this got harder and sometimes we'd have to look words up later to see who was right. :-) Scrabble is also great for teaching spelling. (LOL in my case, I've always been a language nut, and studying word stems and histories of words and other boring things like that lol... Studying Latin for three years of high school and six semesters in college didn't hurt either hahaha.)


Elle said...

No one in my family will play Scrabble with me because I always win :)
I love the English language. When I was at school my English teacher would encourage us to *read* a dictionary. He said it would be good use of our spare time!

Keppy said...

Oh man, I love reading the dictionary, too! :-)

Cactusneedles said...

I agree with you. That bugs me to death as well. I have an Eng. degree too, and the proper use of words is my pet peeve. Also another good spelling game is Boggle.