Tuesday, May 1

Can I Whine!?!?!

I have been pretty quiet about all of this because I didn't want to seem like I was whining all the time but I just can't hold it all in anymore. As you all know we've been having some car issues lately, right? Well, we took the Audi in a week and a half ago for transmission repairs (under warranty, thankfully), which left us w/o a car. So we borrowed my Grandma's car and then IT broke down... So we had to Jag towed in to see what was wrong with it as well. We've been renting a car for the past week. Its costing a fortune... I called AAMCO tonight and the Audi MIGHT be done tomorrow - but no guarantees. They called Charles about the Jag today - $2k - no thanks. My parents are still trying to decide what to do about my grandma's car. **sigh** This is all so frustrating that I could scream. Sydney had to miss soccer practice tonight because Charles had to work late, which could happen any day (and does more often than not.) I really am just so frustrated because when it rains it pours and it seems that it never stops storming around here...............................

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