Tuesday, May 1

Oh Montel! Are you trying to kill me??

Man, I am sitting here watching the much anticipated "Mommy Wars" episode... Wow, this woman said SAHMs were lazy. Not some, not a few, but ALL. Yup, all you SAHMs out there - you are lazy slackers who are not teaching your kids responsibility. Just thought you'd like to know. *ROLLS EYES EMPHATICALLY* Whatever!

Now the 2nd segment is on - BREASTFEEDING. oy vey! I'm going to scream and throw the remote at the TV before this is over, I know... Now you all may or may not know that I am a proud member of the Militant Breastfeeding Cult, so I am STRONGLY in support of breastfeeding. It is so much more convenient... no bottles to wash, no worries about the correct temp of the formula, etc. etc. And it's always there and on tap lol. BUT BUT BUT I would NEVER judge a mom for choosing formula. I would love to help her get started with breastfeeding because its NOT easy and it doesn't just happen like you'd think it should, but I'd never imply she was abusing her kid by not breastfeeding. (Believe me, I've been there - I had SOO many problems with Sydney breastfeeding and I had ZERO help and had to bottle feed. For me personally it was such a defeated feeling I did everything I could to be prepared when Ally came along. Then with Trey, it was old hat lol.)

Ack, the 3rd segment, fast food vs organic food... LOL Montel is trying to piss off all the women in the US!!! Where is the remote?!?!?! (He even mentioned cloth diapers - he went on about how he was using more energy washing it out! I DID use cloth diapers for my two oldest, thank you very much!!) :-) I did make most of Sydney's food when she was a baby. Then I didn't make so much of Ally's, but when Trey was born I breastfed him until he was ready to eat table food (16mos) like the rest of us, so there was no worries there.

The 4th segment - MOMMY HAPPY HOUR - yes, please! Can I have it??? :-)

5th segment - Debate on spanking. Well, this one idk how I really feel about this. I will admit to spanking my kids, but I personally don't very often because it really doesn't work. My kids respond more to - well, really they don't respond to anything HAHAHA!!!

Montel, Montel... I love shows where people get heated up and I feel these rumblings bubbling in my chest where I just wanna scream at people and throw out pamphlets to educate people. Good job getting people on both sides of these issues lol.


Marigold said...

oh, i definitely would have been arguing with the TV. SAHMs are lazy?? So are some of the people who work 40hrs aweek, and leave their kids to be raised by daycare. Pbthththt! And it's so frustrating not to get a response, too!

Keppy said...

LOL, I know, right??