Wednesday, May 9

Pics galore!

Sydney's first soccer game... (Seemed about time I posted these since her last game is on the 19th lol) [Sydney is the one with long blonde hair - #9]

Charles, Ally, and Trey at the game. Charles looks a little crazy in this pic, or like he has a lip full of Skoal lmao... (Which he doesn't chew - EWW GROSS. His dad was a Skoal man, it was yucky.)

My denim rag quilt (and Athena). Front and back.

Two more quilt blocks I've made. (I'm going to make these into pillows for my grandma, the quilter.) At one point they WERE ironed, but alas, no more. Speaking of irons...... Dorothy bought me a new one the other day - take a look at THIS BABY! Although it was still $79.99 with $20 off when she bought it..... lol oh well.


chrisknitz said...

Ah, the soccer game. We are winding down on ours too. But now softball for the Elder has started up. Oh well, June will bring freedom from sports and all we will want to do is escape the heat!

Keppy said...

This is our first sports "season". Its been fun. In the fall, Ally will be starting soccer, too, so we will have TWO in soccer... That should be fun. lol - not! :-)

Crystal said...

Cute! Aren't you just the crafty gal?!