Wednesday, May 9

Being Vegan wasn't the whole problem people!

Ripped from the headlines: Vegans sentenced for starving their child

There are so many things wrong with this story, I don't know where to begin. First of all, and maybe most obvious... um - babies don't EAT MEAT so who gives a rodent's gludious maximus if the parent's are Vegans??? Secondly, and this is a real question for me, as a vegan, why didn't the mother just breastfeed? I mean I realize its not EASY for everyone and it often requires assistance to get things going, but vegans are more often than not health conscious people. Human Milk for Human Babies?? Ok, thirdly, they SHOULD get in troulbe if they starved this baby. Soy milk and apple juice? Feeding this to a 6wk old? How old are these parents??? [27 and 31??? They should have known better... I expected them to be 16 and 17 or something] I mean, granted there are no "vegan baby formulas" because most people who are vegans would choose to breastfeed. But anyway, my whole rant is due to the fact that the baby didn't (necessarily) die because they were vegans - the baby died because they weren't feeding it. I mean, I realize that a diet of only soy milk and apple juice would be FAR from ideal, but still, if they fed it ENOUGH of that, you wouldn't think it would have died.

I do see why people are saying the vegan lifestyle is the cause of this baby's death, I'm not denying that it was a big factor. All I'm saying is, they are making it out like vegans are the devil...
Poor poor little baby, how he must have suffered. :-( Makes me very sad.

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Marigold said...

They were not very edumacated vegans. :( Perhaps they thought that human milk was a bad thing, since they considered it wrong to drink cow milk...who knows. You're right, it was very sad, that poor little baby. :(