Saturday, April 21

Sarah Silverman, anyone?

So my MIL came last night to spend the night and watch Sydney's first soccer game (which they won, btw, and Sydney made a goal - woot!) The kids were jumping around and injured her hand, so she and Charles spent 5hrs in the ER... While they were gone I watched Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic. (WARNING: If you are easily offended by crude language, racial slurs, or religious jokes do not watch this movie... but if you AREN'T then by all means... indulge lol.) This wasn't the best movie ever or anything like that, but it was pretty funny. Some of it wasn't funny, but some parts had me literally LMAO at 4am. :-) Personally, I think Sarah Silverman is really funny, but I appreciate her crude humor, and some people would easily be offended by many of the things she has to say.

(BTW, MIL's hand wasn't broken, just sprained, so that's good news.)

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