Friday, April 20


Music with a message? Maybe not always a good one, but in my opinion each of these songs has a message nonetheless...
(WARNING: This list might get long as I keep adding to it, and there could be songs with explicit language.)

I love these songs:

U2 "Stuck in a Moment": (Hear It) (Read Lyrics)
Nickelback "If Everyone Cared": (Hear It) (Read Lyrics)
NIN "Hurt": (Hear It) (Read Lyrics)
Johnny Cash "Hurt": (Hear It) (Read Lyrics)
Hinder "Lips of an Angel": (Hear It) (Read Lyrics)
Bob Dylan "Positively 4th Street": (Video) (Lyrics)
Get Set Go "I Hate Everyone": (Hear It) (Read Lyrics)
All American Rejects "It Ends Tonight": (Hear It) (Read Lyrics)
The Fray "How to Save a Life": (Hear It) (Read Lyrics)
Eminem "When I'm Gone": (Hear It) (Read Lyrics)
NIN "Something I Can Never Have": (Hear It) (Read Lyrics)
Metallica "Fade to Black": (Hear It) (Read Lyrics)
Foo Fighters "Best of You": (Hear It) (Read Lyrics)
Pink Floyd "Mother": (Hear It) (Read Lyrics)
All American Rejects "Dirty Little Secret": (Hear It) (Read Lyrics)
Blue October "Into the Ocean": (Hear It) (Read Lyrics)
Metallica "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)": (Hear It) (Read Lyrics)
Coldplay "Trouble": (Hear It) (Read Lyrics)
Imogen Heap "Hide and Seek": (Hear It) (Read Lyrics)


Lana said...

Yummm, love NIN of course. I also like Blue October and Imogen Heap. Great choices.

Keppy said...

I love NIN, too. You know, its funny, I didn't use to like them at all, but now as I get older I just relate more, I suppose. LOL Is that a good thing or a bad thing?? :-)