Friday, April 20

The Little Cuties (belated Love Thursday)

Love is helping your little brother get up after a spill on the mean ol' tricycle.

Love is trying to teach your little sister how to ride a bicycle.

Love is wallowing all over your dog showing her how much you love her, and having her bite you lovingly in return. Love is watching the squirrel eat in your backyard.

Love is Ruby Red Slippers... 'nuff said :-)


NannyOgg said...

Awww, I love the pics!

Happy Love Thursday!


Anonymous said...

I lofe the pix, too. Dorothy is always glad to see "ruby red slippers", hehehe Love ya Toto

Anonymous said...

Of cource I meant I love the pix not I "lofe" them!!

Anonymous said...

Just forget it I can't spell!