Monday, April 9

More painting

The hallway is now a beautiful greenish tanish grayish color... Yeah, that pretty much describes it accurately. :-)

I think tomorrow I will try to paint the girls' bathroom, but we'll see. The upstairs is currently covered with feathers... AGAIN!! (Why is it that anything with goosedown that I own somehow ends up at some point upstairs with a hole in it, suddenly becoming a favored "toy"???)

Yeah, so we'll see. I have some cleaning to do since I've been so busy painting some daily things have fallen a few days behind. You know, laundry and such.

Oh, and I have to go pick up some brass light switch and outlet plates that I got from Freecycle today. Woot!

I didn't get those pictures taken today because the painting was much more time consuming than I had anticipated. I had expected about 1.5-2 hrs and it took about 3.5! I was so tired I didn't do anything else the whole evening. Hooray for me! :p

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