Sunday, April 8

Good times!

I TOLD you it was delicious!!! (Yes, that is REAL whipped cream...)

These were taken at my Aunt and Uncle's house today at the annual Easter Egg Hunt they have for the little ones. My cousin Jackson won the big prize for the 2nd year in a row. He was quite proud of himself hehe.

Well now, how to describe these pictures....... This is my cousin Ashlee, and she's sad because she has no "boobies". LOL! (For the record, my other cousin had just done her hair, she normally doesn't wear pigtails LOL!!)

*sigh* Brace yourself, it only gets worse.....

These next beauties are my mother pretending to be a Ninja, but actually looking more like a confused Egyptian. (Oh, and Ashlee in the background looking normal - had to redeem her or she would have hated me forever lol).

Last but not least a really blurry picture of the new paint under my kitchen cabinets. I will try to get a better one tomorrow, I have some other things to put up, too, that I've been making.

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