Sunday, April 8

Yes, I am still alive and well

I can't believe I didn't post for two days lol... Wow, time really got away from me. That's what happen when you kind of check out for two days, huh? We really have sorta cocooned (is that a word??) ourselves inside the last few days and just ignored the rest of the world. It's been nice.

Tomorrow (well, today I guess, seeing as it's 2:30am) we are going to my aunt's house for Easter. That is the plans right now, anyway. We'll see how we all feel in the morning and if we are up for the drive. Also, tomorrow I hope to put up a few pics I took today of the kitchen where I painted under the cabinets and of the delicious strawberry shortcake I made tonight- mm mm good!!

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Marigold said...

Happy Easter! much hoppiness to all!