Wednesday, April 11

Much to share!

Sydney enjoyed her first soccer practice. She's very nervous that her first game is Saturday and they will have only one more practice between now and then for a grand total of TWO practices before the first game LOL. She is catching on fast, though, and really liked practice. She has 8 kids on her team, 4 girls and 4 boys, so that's pretty cool. The last picture is Ally at practice, mowing the lawn by hand...

This is almost complete, only missing one sleeve. I made this a few weeks ago, but kept forgetting to take a pic. I also made my mom's renter a baby poncho. I hope she likes it. I'm sitting this dress aside at Mom's house until someone in the family has a baby, or until my kids grow up, I'm not sure which. It's just too cute to give away lol. (And its my first crocheted dress.)

And this is a "half-nekkid" Ally in the newly painted hallway. Please excuse the seriously messy floor, Ally has been a little lacking on her chore of vacuuming the hallway. :-) I would like nothing more than to start painting the upstairs bathroom today, but I have much "catch-up" cleaning to do today. AND I think I might be getting the flu, I woke up seriously nauseous. Charles said I was pregnant... maybe his tongue will fall off for saying that!!! HAHAHA (Thank goodness for tubal ligations!) :-)

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