Thursday, March 1

First of the Month Ramblings

Ok, I've done the FlyLady thing many times before, but never gotten through it all because well, I'm lazy lol. But, I seriously need to work through it this time and not live like this anymore.

So, here goes nothing...
Day 1

This is another attempt at Fingerless Gloves. I read on that someone made some out of Peaches and Cream cotton, so I'm seeing how that goes, since I'm still unsure what to make of the Cash Vero I have on hand.

UPDATE: I finished one glove, I really like it, but there are some changes I want to make. I'm glad I used scrap yarn, but it only took a tiny amount. I'm going to make it less wide and I am thinking of putting a button at the wrist, because I want them tighter than ribbing. I'll post a pic of the completed one tomorrow.

And thanks to Laura (I think) from my Knitting Circle, here is a funny knitting project you can knit up for your Christmas list along with the Willy Warmers. HAHA

(Warning: NSFW)
Little Nekkid Man!

Here is a close up picture in case you are interested lol...

Funstuff, indeed. (I hear he's "fully pose-able")

These are pictures of the Skull Illusion Scarf. Looking straight at it, you basically see only stripes, but looking at it perpendicular, you see the skull and crossbones. I will either continue making this as an entire scarf, or make a little bag for Sydney, I haven't decided yet.

One last thing, someone showed me a great color scheme generator and I lost the link. Well, I looked it up today, and thought I'd share with ya'll. Its really a nifty little tool. I'm gonna use it to make some Fair Isle patterns or striped hats or something... lol

I also found this one which makes funky swirly designs to give you an even better idea of how the colors look together.

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Marigold said...

Re: FlyLady

I really like her system. My natural tendency toward laziness has been sidetracking me doing it, but it really really helps, the little that I do. I think my sink is shiny...i hope? Keep fluttering!