Friday, March 2

FlyLady - Day 2

Well, I have successfully completed Day 2 - hooray for me! (Even though that basically means I got up and put clothes on lol...) I went to Kmart and got a new notebook for my Control Journal. I didn't have any loose-leaf paper to put in a binder and I'm not really a binder kind of person. So, I just bought a simple 3subject spiral notebook. (And of course some fun colored pens...and post-its...but I swear that's all!)

Not much knitting has been happening around here the last few days. I have been kinda busy with the kids and cleaning. Unfortunately, this is going to continue for the next few weeks, I'd assume. I'm going to declutter my closet next week - and omg, you really have no idea just how horrible that is... My kids have gone in there and taken EVERYTHING off the hangers (literally there is NOTHING hanging up) and everything off the shelves and thrown it all on the floor. Fortunately, the clothes I wear are kept in the dresser (or usually the close baskets brought down from the dryer), and I hang Charles clothes up each week in a doorway lol. So yeah, I need to get all this back in order... Because in 2004, my house looked like this:

Oy vey, where did THIS house go???? I assure you it looks NOTHING like that now!!! I miss that house, it was so tranquil. Then again, its MUCH easier to clean when you have one kid in school, a toddler, and an infant, rather than one kid in school, and two rambunctious ones at home all day. (Plus, I was still "nesting" when my house was this clean because it was right after my son was born.) Maybe I should have another kid??? H A H A H A if you knew me IRL, you'd know just how I-N-S-A-N-E that would be! :-) I love the ones I have, but I don't want any more!


Jennifer said...

Your house sounds like mine! I get my clean clothes out of the basket too. They never seem to get into the drawers. The real mess is around my computer though...ugh.

I love the skull illusion scarf/bag, by the way!

Keppy said...

LOL I knew I wasn't the only one!!! :-)

Marigold said...

I've got to get around to decluttering my closets, too. If I just do 15 minutes at a time...either it'll get done eventually, or it'll take forever. :(

Crystal said...

I saw the pictures first and thought "boy, that flylady thing sure works quick!" Actually, I keep starting that and stopping. I cannot accept the wear lace up shoes rule. I don't usually wear lace up shoes when I go out of the house let alone inside. I much prefer Crocs. 8)

Keppy said...

well, I normally do skip the lace up shoes part... although, this week I've had things to do and actually needed to have shoes on almost all day so its worked out okay.