Wednesday, February 21

Sweater progress

I'm really enjoying making this sweater. I got really burned out really early making Syd's first sweater attempt, but this one is holding my attention and seems to be going much faster, I can really see my own personal progress as a knitter in the 2 mos since starting Syd's other sweater. Anyway, I'm just a few rows past the decreases for the armholes, but I have to stop for a few hours and clean a little - well 30 min anyway hahahahahaha... Like I said, I'm using Fibonacci numbers for the stripes and I'm really liking how its turning out.

I also put a picture of the 2 dishcloths here to show the difference between the same pattern/yarn with a different size needle, the one on the right is sz5, the one on the left sz6.

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Anonymous said...

Toto, that's some pretty yarn there!! Syd will look really cute in that.