Thursday, February 22


I am soooooooo freaking out right now. Ok, 6wks ago, our dog had to get stitches in her foot and while at the vet's office, they said she had a tapeworm, and gave me the pills to treat it. So I did and it was uneventful. THEN TODAY - I cleaned up a mess she made this morning and it looked like she had pooped out a bunch of rice... Ok, so she has worms, it happens. I gave her a treatment of the otc dewormer I had on hand and looked online. Obviously she still has this tapeworm and I am FREAKING OUT! I'm paranoid that I'm going to get a tapeworm or that my kids are! Calm down, Keppy... lol So I read online that its really VERY rare for ppl to get tapeworms, and they can only get them by ingesting a contaminated flea. The dog doesn't HAVE fleas! If she did Charles and I would be eaten alive as she are both flea magnets - if there is one near us, they find us and bite our ankles. I have never seen a flea on my dog.

I have the creepy-crawlies now and I am absolutely freaking out. I guess I wasn't so uptight the first time because I'd never actually SEEN the worm "segments" but now I have and I can't quit itching and being paranoid!!!!!!

*scratch scratch*

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