Sunday, February 25

Swamp Witch (Future Project)

Future Project Idea
: Swamp Witch
Yarn: Lion Brand Wool Ease Mushroom (1)
Paton's Allure Emerald (4)
Paton's Divine Soft Earth (2)
Paton's Brilliant Marvelous Mocha (2)
Needles: US 35/19.0mm knitting needles

I kind of want to make this. The only thing is that its knit on US35 needles. That is HUGE. I hate working with size 13s, let alone 35!! LOL

The drawback is really the price... The yarn will cost me about $45 and I wouldn't pay $45 for a shawl, ever. I probably wouldn't pay $10 for a shawl lol, I'm not a shawl wearer. So maybe I'll just keep this in my "to do" list until all the yarn goes on sale some place hahahah!

I just really like the colors, they look dark and depressing. Isn't that what all knitters look for in a pattern? Angst and Ennui?

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