Tuesday, February 27

Future Projects/Ideas

The other day, someone on one of the mailing lists I'm on sent a request for the Ruffled Roses Scarf pattern by Annie Modesitt. I emailed MassAveKnits to see if they had it and they requested it for me. I'm going to go pick it up either today or Friday. This request wasn't actually for me, but the pattern isn't allowed to be emailed, etc, so I'm keeping it. (Annie has done this for a great reason, she wants ppl to actually go INTO their LYS and buy things rather than just shop online). I think this is really nice of her to encourage support of your LYS. I am unsure that I will actually make this scarf as its a little "foo foo" for me, but I do think it's really cute.

Future Project Idea
: Ruffled Roses Scarf
Yarn: ONLine, Linie 194 Solo
Misti Baby Alpaca Worsted Marigold Melange
Misti Baby Alpaca Worsted Chartreuse Melange
Misti Baby Alpaca Worsted Maize
Needles: US7

Right now, though I'm working on an Skull Illusion Scarf in Orange and Blue. The illusion isn't as clear as I'd hoped, but as expected I'm using cheap yarn for the "trial and error" phase.

The great people over at sent me another picture of the Swamp Witch Shawl per my request. They did mention that even this 2nd picture doesn't do the green that is in the shawl justice. I still think this is so cool looking, and I really think I will eventually knit this.


Crystal said...

I remembered someone on Craftster made the Swamp Witch, here is a link to her post. http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=131100.0 That might give you a better idea the picture look pretty good.

Keppy said...

Yeah, those pictures were great, thanks!