Sunday, February 18

Round Dishcloth

I finished my Round Dishcloth today - even though it's finished a little oddly. As I was gathering the center together and sewing the seam I was just going and going and happily seaming when I finished and realized that I hadn't bound off lol. It turned out ok though.

I also cast on something new that I haven't really tried yet. Its a pattern for a bedspread, but I am not even conceiving of the idea of really making something that big. I'm just testing the "lace" pattern using sz0 short dpns and blue crochet thread. I didn't exactly "block" this but I did iron it - does that count? Its cotton, so I don't really know how well that blocks anyway, but I know it irons well. This picture has no frame of reference to show how big it is, but its about 3in across and 2in tall, I'd guess.

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Marigold said...

Cute dishcloth! I'd use it for my dishes in a flash :)