Sunday, February 18

I hate moving!

Yesterday we spent the day in Sullivan, moving my MIL. Sullivan is two hours away and its where Charles and I are both from. Our parents still live there.

So anyway, she moved from her house "in town" to a house "on the other side of town, across the tracks". Basically all that means is that she moved approx. 1.4 miles away. Her new house was scheduled to be bulldozed, but since her neice owned it and she needed a place to stay, they saved it for her, putting in a new furnace and renovating the inside. Its very cutely decorated.

It was snowing all day and the temp was about 29 so it was cold but not frigid like it had been the previous week. She still isn't completely moved but we all got tired and called it a day.

There was much stress and much frustration, as is usual for such an event, I suppose. This is how Charles looked most of the day:

While I was down there my mom gave me my bag of goodies that she had forgotten to bring during the "car resuscitation" - i.e. my yarn, some magazines and some SURPRISES!! My dad had made me a PVC Niddy Noddy! (Click here to learn what it is.) I had sent them an email a week or so ago asking if he might be able to make one for me, but I really hadn't expected him to have the time to make one for a long time. I was thrilled!!! Also, my mom had finished sewing my needle case! It didn't turn out as we had both expected but it will do just fine. My needles are sitting all snugly in it already. (My Dale of Norway Hauk was in the bag, too, so I can get started on my next WCTP skeleton hat this week.)

The kids spent most of the day at my parents' house doing crafts and playing with Sassy (my mom's mini-Dachshund).

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