Friday, June 12

Paint. Finished for the weekend!

Everything is looking so good! I'm done for the weekend though lol, I'm EXHAUSTED. Probably going to try the two GIANT walls on Monday - we'll see... There are obvious touch-ups needed and the paint is still wet in these pics, but you get the general idea. In that first picture, if you click to the big pic, you can see the new paint that is going on the handrail and baseboards (and eventually all the interior doors). Only the bottom half is painted, I just wanted to try it out before I committed. Its white and shiny and fingerprint clean-up should be breeze. (I'm hoping, anyway!!)

Oh, and one other thing, LOL! It has been pointed out to me that the HELP WANTED item I discussed yesterday perhaps made it sound like I needed help buying groceries or something hehe. Certainly not the case. :) This is a place to organize people bringing in food for my parents while my mom is home recovering. She did indeed get her cast off today, and a walking cast put on. She's sad because instead of the original 2 more weeks has changed to 4, but she will be ok. And she gets to go HOME, which is awesome!

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