Thursday, June 11

Ashlee and Sassy (and Haroldine)

Cindy, Heather, Ashlee, and Sydney cleaned Mom's house today to get it all ready for her to be home tomorrow. They are so helpful!! Apparently, Sassy was very happy to see them.

We repotted Haroldine this week, too. He's much happier now. Man, look at what a difference a year makes! The first picture with the girls was taken 8/20/08. He's on his third pot, and I would imagine this one will last him a while.

As for the painting, the walls are dry and I took the tape off - its looks so awesome I can't wait until its all finished!!

By the way, if you read this and are interested in helping my family out with some food in the next few weeks, please visit this site and sign up to help!!

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