Friday, April 17


After the girls got home from school I had wanted to go to the park, but Charles had to go downtown to reset a machine, so we tagged along. I took some pics in the parking lot because we were bored. (I just realized that the "full size" pics of these little thumbnails are pretty small... oh well lol, you get the idea.)

When that was all finished, we headed to the park for an hour or two. Much fun was had by the kidlets. I must say, though, that it was "redneck" day at Southeastway Park. Wow. First was this mom who kept her Marlboro Reds just barely in her pocket so that everyone could see she had them, and normally I wouldn't think this was intentional, but she kept touching them and readjusting them so they stuck out in just the perfect manner... And if her and her husband smoking while playing on all the equipment around all the little ones wasn't bad enough, this lady gal came along who was about 8mos pregnant, and she lit up continuously also. How wonderful... *sigh* (For the record, I really couldn't care less if people smoke. But is it really necessary to smoke on the playground equipment at the park? Can't you like step at least outside the mulch??)

I took some videos today - here are 3 of them.

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