Saturday, March 14

Happy Pi Day

Pi Day
Well, there are some things going on around here that I can't discuss on here... but its serious, scary, frustrating, violating, and intensely stressful.

BUT - on to other stressful issues........ My mother in law was officially diagnosed with Stage 3 Gastric Diffuse B-Cell Lymphoma. She has spots near her trachea and lungs, a tumor in her stomach, and possibly into her liver - they aren't exactly sure yet if its pushing on the liver or if the liver is actually affected. Anyway, she will be having a bone marrow biopsy on Tuesday, as well as a PET scan next week. She is having her first Chemo treatment on Thursday. She is having CHOP Chemotherapy with Rituximab (a biological). The one possible exception would be the Adriamycin, which they might have to leave out because of her heart, but we will know for sure after he gets with her heart doctor for her most recent EKG results. She will be coming to our house after her treatment, and then we will decide to move forward with treatments in Terre Haute or have them here in Indy.

More info as soon as I have it.


Brenda said...
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Brenda said...

I have been keeping her & your family in my prayers! Hang in there!