Wednesday, February 11


Ally and Trey playing with Meggie. It totally looks like Trey is trying to nurse, doesn't it lol!?!?! He sure does love his dog!

Nothing much has been going on around here. I'm still addicted to Facebook, and haven't been able to crochet in a while. I am considering trying to work some on the doily I started a while ago tomorrow, though.

Charles is feeling like crap, and thinks he might be getting the flu. Dorothy was supposed to be coming up tomorrow, but since a crazy storm is headed our way she's gonna wait until Friday. As Charles is feeling not so hot, this is probably a good thing. I had a migraine coming on with the storm moving in, but the meds have it under control for now.

I have been really busy cooking yummy meals and trying to keep house and playing on Facebook, that my poor blog got neglected this week. I will try to get some new pics taken this week!!

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