Wednesday, February 18

Medical Mayhem!

Wow... what a horrible/wonderful/scary/nerve-wracking week this has been for some of my friends!! One has a 4yo daughter who had a heart transplant today - read about it all here, and another friend's hubby had a stroke on Monday - read about that all here. My grandma went to the Dr. for her kidneys after spending a few days in the hospital and found out something is wrong with her liver... My aunt was referred to a kidney specialist because they are worried she's having kidney failure. My mother in law went to the ER tonight because she broke off her insulin needle while giving herself her injection tonight... I have a cold, which is mostly centered around a horrible sore throat, worse than I've had in years, and I was taking my 452 nightly pills, and my throat was so swollen the pills wouldn't slide down and I almost choked to death. Fortunately, the vitamin C pill flew out of my trachea before my breathing was compromised!!! lol

Needless to say, I'm going to bed now. I'm giving this one more day, then I'm going to the clinic if its not better. If it doesn't improve, I'll be surprised if I don't have strep. That's fabulous - all I need is another winter of this.

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