Monday, November 26


Yup, its official - Scarlet Fever has entered the building.

Don't worry, we aren't really having to do any quarantine nowadays lol! She's on amoxycillin, and can go back to school on Wednesday. She also has impetigo on her chin and eczema on her eye... Her immune system is so jacked up right now, poor thing. She's still not "sick" though, so that's been good at least. Trey seemed to have a slight fever this morning but seemed fine later in the day - his appetite hasn't decreased, so he doesn't seem to have a sore throat. I did call the school and delay his start date from tomorrow until Thursday just to be safe.

Sydney has her dental appointment tomorrow at 2pm, so its worked out for her to be out from school for a few days, too, just to be safe. (She had a fever all day and spent the day in bed on Saturday.)

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