Monday, November 26

Oy Vey...

Does the drama in my life ever stop? lol
Ally woke up with a headache on Friday morning, and then slept most of the day. She was fine after that, and then had a fever Friday night. She woke up on Saturday morning with a rash but no fever and she didn't act sick. She had complained of a sore throat once on Friday, but didn't seem bothered by it afterwards. So my first thought was Scarlatina, which I had like 3x as a kid. (Its basically scarlet fever, some people say its a mild version some say its no different - scarlet fever is basically nothing more than strep throat with a rash, it rarely causes complications anymore due to antibiotics.) Anyway, her rash got worse today, its on her whole torso, worse in her groin area (looks like she has diaper rash), her neck, chin, cheek, and eye. She says it doesn't itch, and she doesn't act sick in the least... So tomorrow if its worse we are planning on at least calling the pediatrician to see if she needs to be seen... I am doubting the scarlatina now, though, because she isn't "sick". I remember when I had it those times and I was MISERABLE!

Anyway, fast forward to tonight - Sydney complains about her tooth... omg - her tooth is so screwed up! I called my mom to leave a message for the dentist for an emergency appointment. I don't know if she has an abscess or what, but her gum is beet red and terribly swollen and looks bruised and is partially split and bleeding... Her filling is missing from that tooth, too... I am guessing he will pull it. She says it hurts but its not terrible. She has the WORST TEETH like ever........ they are so horrible, poor thing!! (She had 6 caps and 2 fillings when she was 13mos old - and has had like 4 fillings since then, too. I blame antibiotics as an infant - and had a dentist tell me it was likely.)

So............ I have to take Syd to the dentist 2hrs away and try to get Ally in to be seen at the pediatrician's office, too, if her rash isn't better. Lovely - that shouldn't be too hard, huh?????? LOL!!!!

Now a few pics:
The family pic below was taken in October and the other is of Ally's rash. (The mark on her cheek isn't from the rash, its from the dog and she won't quit picking at it.) The last picture is of Syd's tooth - its not a great pic - it was taken with my phone so the quality sucks.

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CINDY said...

What a weekend! We did miss you all at my house yesterday!! Your tree looks great , by the way. Hope your day gets better!! :)