Saturday, November 15


Red Tea and Fig Lotion
Yeah, ok, so maybe you don't EAT it, but this Mary Kay lotion I got for my birthday smells SOOOOOO good. I seriously want a big bottle of it! (So if you want to know what to get me for Christmas - there's an idea for ya, cuz I know you are all FREAKING out about what to get Keppy for Christmas... the name KEPPY just leaps out at you from your list with a big question mark for potential ideas, and I'm just here to help, after all. If you are still curious about ideas, since, this is only one suggestion, here are a few other things you could jot down in that empty spot next to my name: new carpet for my entire house, a maid service, liposuction, oh, and maybe some cute lipstick and earrings - just a thought hehehe)

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