Monday, August 25

Music, Movies, and More (an update, if you will)

Well, since I'm dying in pain over here (didn't hear about my fall? click here) and I'm bored, I'll share some coolness...

We haven't seen a ton of movies lately, but I haven't posted about movies for MONTHS, so let's see if I can remember a few that we've seen.

21: I liked it, but then again, I pretty much love all things Kevin Spacey because he is cool and all.

Hancock: Also a really good movie, I wasn't expecting much when we went to see it, but I enjoyed it alot - I recommend it.

Lady in the Water: Well, you can't go wrong with Paul Giamatti, first of all... And I heard this movie was a total waste of time, so I hadn't given it much thought - but Charles started watching it onDemand this weekend and it was really good. Different, but good.

Shutter: Waste of time... NEXT...

I'm sure we've seen others, but none are coming to mind right now. We are really into In Treatment on HBO, and Weeds on Showtime right now, oh and Swingtown on CBS, which I'm sure is about to go off for the summer never to be heard from again, even though its a pretty good show. You know, for a show about Swingers in the 70s hahahha...

Here is a great song. I know I've posted about it before, but its so good it bears repeating. The lyrics are great.

U2 - Stuck in a Moment

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