Monday, August 25

I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up!!!

Yes, indeedy... that's me alright!

I just fell and discombobulated myself. :-(
And all I was trying to do was pull up my pants after using the bathroom, geez... lol what's a girl to do??

So um, yeah, I got up off the toilet and WHAM the tile jumped up to grab me, just as I heard the SMASH of a plastic drawer that was crushing under the giant force of my enormous buttocks landing on it. One leg went one way, the other went the other (fortunately, I managed to bend one leg mid-fall to avoid a total Chinese Splits!! haha). My shoulder crashed into the door jamb of the closet and my big toe joint (bunion) smacked the ceramic tile. Charles was in bed with Trey telling him a story about how years ago The Wizard built his garage in the freezing cold winter and he said, "Um... do I need to come and help you??" lol NO! Just stay put, I'd rather you not see me like this lol... He said, "What happened?" - Me: "Oh, the floor was just all wet and I didn't see it", then he said, "I don't know WHY you don't ever turn that stupid light on." Yeah... me either haha

Well I'm wishing now I had, lemme tell ya - my hips hurt, my arm, my knee, my foot, my wrist... tomorrow should be SO FUN!!! N O T
Charles told me I should take some meds and lay down and go to sleep. Yeah, if only it were that easy for me. :-(

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