Thursday, June 5

FINALLY an update!!!

Well... what a whirlwind couple of weeks I've had here in my crazy mixed up world. Charles went to Germany for a week, and I spent that week at Dorothy's house. We had lots of fun - we went fishing, I visited some friends I hadn't seen for a few years, ate some yummy food, and attended a graduation party...

Ohhh - and I played Guitar Hero for the first time, and learned that I kick major butt at it, too!! :-)

I've since learned that Guitar Hero makes me very ill, and Charles has forbidden me from playing it anymore lol. Which sucks, but so does walking sideways and falling into doorways - which is what seems to happen a few hours after I've played. It does something crazy to my brain. Video games give some ppl seizures, it makes me dizzy and sick for 2 days lol.....

Here are some pics of us fishing last week for your viewing pleasure:

LOL Here is a funny pic of my cousin's two daughters playing in a dog cage hahaha:

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