Friday, May 23

What do you get when...

you add every YouTube celebrity with Weezer?????????

You get THIS!
(and you love it!!!!!!!!!!)

I grabbed a list that had the list of references already compiled.
Tay Zonday
Miss Teen South Carolina
Kelly, from the Shoes video
the Will It Blend? blender
Chris Crocker (Leave Britney Alone)
the dude in Evolution of Dance
Daft Hands
Daft Bodies
Charlie the Unicorn
the ninja guy
the Dramatic Look Gopher
it's peanut butter jelly time!
the Soulja Boy dance
diet coke and montos
lightsaber guys
numa numa kid
all your base are belong to us

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well this is just the GREATEST!!! I laughed and laughed. I played this thing about 4 times and found something new in it each time. How funny. Moom